CalWHO 2013

November 9-11 2013

Calgary World Health Organization Simulation

Our Platform

We present a global health theme each year and invite students from across disciplines to bring their unique perspectives to the discussions. Each student participates as a delegate from a WHO country of their choosing, so that the theme-related issues of each participating country can be included in the discussion.  Delegates debate and discuss the issues in regional blocks and plenary sessions in the style of a mock WHO World Health Assembly. This year we present Water and Global Health as our theme.


Our Goal

Health problems and the inequities around the world are the product of the complex interactions between social, political, cultural, economic and geographic contexts. Our generation’s ability to provide leadership when approaching these multi-faceted problems and to contribute solutions arises in our ability to better understand each component. At CalWHO we will use the interactive discussion platform to encourage students to learn together about the barriers to progress in global health. Most importantly, we hope to encourage multi-disciplinary collaboration between delegates in our mock policy-making sessions to show the importance of cross-talk between sectors when strategizing in health.



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Calgary World Health Organization Simulation

Your Opportunity

Whether you are in an educational stream with a direct focus on health or not, CalWHO is an excellent opportunity for professional development for university students of all educational levels. As our society experiences a shift towards more globally ethical industries, it is important that our future leaders (YOU) understand the interaction of your discipline and the health of people around the world. In doing so we hope to also foster collaborative culture between and across disciplines to solve pressing issues in health, and to help you in your future career.


You can also look forward to:


         Keynote speakers from a variety of different disciplines


         The opportunity to network with other students at the conference and social event


         Certificate of Attendance


         Awards for exceptional delegate performance in discussions and resolution drafting


News & Updates



The CalWHO 2013 Conference was completed successfully over the November 9-11 weekend.



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